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Join resident Alaska Master Guide Mike Richmond for trophy big game hunting in Alaska. We operate fully guided hunts in 3 areas of Alaska. We hunt for Brown/Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Black Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine. All of our hunts are guided by experienced professional resident guides.


(Unit 17B - Brown Bear Hunt)

- Discount Price of $13,500. for 1X1.
- Discount Price of $12,500. for 2X1.
- Second Brown Bear Trophy Fee of $3,500.

At our Western Alaska Camp, located in Game Units 17B & 19B, we hunt for Brown/Grizzly Bear, Moose, Black Bear, Caribou, Wolf, and Wolverine. We hunt from a very comfortable wall tent base camp complete with hot showers. We also use numerous spike camps during our hunts. Most of our Brown/Grizzly Bears have hides that square 8 - 9 foot with some up to 9 1/2 foot square. We hunt for trophy Moose with antler spreads of 60 inches or more and have harvested record book bulls up to 75 inches wide. Our Black Bears have hides that square 6 - 7 foot and some larger. Wolf and Wolverine are always an added bonus to any hunt. Caribou may be added to any hunt for just the cost of the kill tag. Our hunters have taken a variety of record animals from this area.

At our Lower Susitna Camp, located in Game Unit 16B, we hunt for Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Wolf. In this area hunters have a bag limit of 2 Brown Bear per hunter. Most of our Brown Bears hides square 8 - 9 foot and some up to 10 foot square. Black Bear season is open year round with a bag limit of 3 Black Bears per hunter. These Black Bears are usually 6 - 7 foot square hides and some larger. Wolf are also available with a bag limit of 10 per hunter and no tag fee either. Water levels permitting, this hunt is usually a river float trip. You and your guide will fly in and float a river in a top quality raft while hunting for Bear and Wolf. Portable spike camps are used for this float hunt. Some fishing is also available.

At our Gulf of Alaska Camp, located in Game Unit 7, we hunt for Mountain Goats. We harvest only Billies. Most of our Billies have horns 9 - 10 inches long. We hunt them late in the fall when they have full coats of long thick hair. We fly in to the area and then do all of our hunting from a spike camp located near timberline. After a very short hike each morning you are on top of the mountain with the Billies. There is a very healthy population of trophy Mountain Goats here. Time permitting, Black Bear may be added to this hunt.

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Game Unit 16B

Aug. 9 - 17 ...... Brown Bear ..... 1X1...... $15,000.
Aug.17- 25 ...... Brown Bear ..... 1X1...... $15,000.

* Second Brown Bear - Trophy Fee - $5,500.
* Black Bear (limit of 3) - Trophy Fee - $1,000. each.
* Wolf are Free.

Game Units 17B & 19B

Aug. 30 - Sept. 10 ......Brown Bear.....1X1...... $15,000.
Aug. 30 - Sept. 10 ......Brown Bear......2X1..... $13,000.
Sept. 10 - 20 ...... Brown Bear...... ......1X1...... $15,000.
Sept. 10 - 20 ...... Brown Bear............ 2X1........$13,000.
Sept. 10 - 18 ...... Black Bear............. 2X1........ $ 5,500.
Sept. 3 - 15 ……Moose ……1X1 ……$18,500

*Second Brown Bear in 17B - Trophy Fee - $5,500
* Wolf and Wolverine are Free,
(except for Kill Tag Fees on Wolverine).
* Black Bear (limit of 3) - Trophy Fee - $ 1,000. each

Game Unit 7
Sept. 24 - 30 ..... Mountain Goat...... 1X1...... $ 11,500.
Oct. 1 - 7 ...........Mountain Goat....... 1X1...... $11,500.

* Black Bear (limit of 1)- Trophy Fee - $1,000.

** On all hunts license and kill tags fees are not included.
** References available upon request.


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